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   “Why, given the available technology on this earth, is there not a website that will tell us who delivers?”

FirstChoiceFood helps you find and order food from wherever you are. How it works: you type in an address, we tell you the restaurants that deliver to that local as well as showing you droves of pickup restaurants near you.

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Welcome to FirstChoiceFood!

Want your restaurant to have the best quality service delivery? Join thousands of restaurants who have their menus on FirstChoiceFood! 

About first choice food

FirstChoiceFood is an application that can help you find food whenever and wherever you are. If you want to be more specific and at the same time save time, search by cuisine, restaurant name or menu ite! Our app will filter the results accordingly and will give you the food establishment you want. You can order via online or phone, free of cost! 

Our app will give you easy access to restaurant reviews, coupons, special offers and 24/7 service! It is accessible to both Android and Apple Phones!

To this day, FirstChoiceFood is one of the quickest and cash-friendliest online portals for ordering your favorite food! There are a variety of locally-owned restaurants that are ready to deliver to your home or you can take out directly from their restaurants if it’s convenient to you. 

Reward points for everyone

How to get reward points?

  • Refer your friends/family
  • Get Loyalty Points
  • Turn Loyalty points into money
  • Use money to get discounts on purchase
  • Using the online, referral form, every time you refer your friends and family, they will receive an email. If they register using that email address, the links given by us, and order food from our sites, you will get reward points. These points can be converted to money and can be deducted from the order. If you want to, you can also get points from your own purchase and use them to get discounts. 

Steps on how to order in FirstChoiceFood 

To get our services you have three steps to follow:

One: Search for local restaurants

Second: Pay with cash or cards

Three: Enjoy the delivery!

FirstChoiceFood has a cuisine for everyone including:

  • Burgers
  • Chinese food 
  • Indian
  • Italian 
  • Mguhlai
  • Pizza
  • Sea Food
  • Snacks
  • South Indian Food
  • Sweet
  • Tandoori
  • Thai
  • Vegetarian

Popular Restaurants FirstChoiceFood services:

  • Kebab Obsession
  • Your Plate
  • Buzz
  • Fidahh
  • Madras Delight
  • Sighri
  • Singz
  • Shaan E. Awadh
  • Tpot
  • Ck2

Why trust FirstChoiceFood?


Our food delivery service has drivers who are trained to handle different types of food and will make sure that you are delivered the best food—still hot from the time of cooking.

On-time delivery

We make sure that our drivers are always on time. Like other establishments, we ensure that these foods are delivered with quality and punctuality. With this in mind, we will give you freebies if our deliveries are late—which rarely happens


We have a reliable delivery that is counted on by different types of customers and they just keep coming back. Our drivers are friendly and will make sure that you have the best experience when they deliver food to you.