Restaurants to visit in Ghaziabad 

Ghaziabad is one of the most popular cities in Uttar Pradesh and is considered one of the most developed areas in India. Because it’s also located near the capital, Delhi, Ghaziabad is often mistaken as part of India’s capital. 

Because of its exciting city life, the city is often visited by travellers who are looking to experience the nightlife. Aside from the bustling energy of the city, it also features some of the best restaurants that gastronomes keep coming back to. 

So, if you are interested to know more about the food places you can visit in Ghaziabad, read all about it here at First Choice Food!

Reader’s Cafe 

If you are a bibliophile and you want to visit a space where you can read your favourite books or look for new titles, Reader’s Cafe is your top choice. Once you enter the establishment, you will notice that its interior is simple, clean, and uncluttered. 

On the right side of the area, there’s a shelf of books where you can see classic titles written by Indian authors. Their best-sellers are their coffee, muffins, and cookies that you can nibble on while you are reading. Moreover, they also offer delicious Indian cuisines and meal courses. 

Haristo Cafe and Pizzeria 

If you like pizza and you want it with a twist, you should visit the Haristo Cafe and Pizzeria that serves masala and tikka pizza that will tease out different flavours in your palette. Moreover, they also serve thin-crust pizza, shakes, and sandwiches that you can enjoy with your coffee.  

Aside from Indian cuisine, they also boast authentic Chinese and Lebanese dishes that you can order. They offer a one of a kind tikka pizza called Death by Meat which is also their best-seller. 

Hook Pub and Kitchen 

Located in the heart of Ghaziabad, the Hook Pub and Kitchen is a high-end resto-bar where you can enjoy partying with friends. Once inside the pub, the setup of the place is based on pop culture themes such as Game of Thrones. 

Moreover, there are also lounges where you can drink, shisha, and dine with people. If you are looking for a nice place to chill and listen to good music, this resto club is the perfect place for you. 


If you’re craving Southeast Asian cuisine, Ghaziabad has a quaint little restaurant called Berco’s which is known for its Drums of Heaven, dim sum, and Singaporean style noodles. When you visit this resto, you will see that the interior is inspired by Southeast Asian designs that will make your dining experience more authentic.

The Hipster Cafe 

Situated in the heart of Raj Nagar, this Hipster Cafe is a spacious coffee place where you can enjoy reading books while drinking your coffee. Inside this quaint restaurant, you can access books and different travel gears that will make your stay cosier. Their best-sellers are watermelon mojito, chicken burger, and home-style Maggi. 

Paprika Park 

Paprika Park is an exciting place inspired by a park theme. Once you go inside, you will see bone-white fences, rustic furniture, and flowers that will make you feel like you’re dining in an indoor park. In this restaurant, you can try their mouth-watering sweet corn soup, corn tikki and paneer lababdar. 

 Cafe Wink 

If you’re planning to go on a date, Cafe Wink is one of the most popular places you can visit in the Anand Vihar area. Inside this cafe, you will see wooden furniture and bone-white paint that accentuates the romantic mood. 

They also have a wide array of desserts and shakes that you can enjoy. Their best-sellers are their Kit-kat shake and cheesy veggie lasagna. 

The 3 Bs 

Located inside the Country Inn Suites, the 3B’s is one of the most visited places in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Inside this beautiful resort type of restaurant, you will be welcomed by life-sized medieval guards, a wide screen TV where you can watch sports, and a live band that will serenade you with desi music. 

Time out 

In Indirapuram, Time Out is one of the most-visited casual clubs where people can hang out. If you’re looking for a chill place to stay with your friends, Time Out has a pool table, PlayStation consoles, and soft bean bags. 

They also sell snacks such as Mac and Cheese burger, chicken tenders, oreo milkshake, and chicken sandwiches. Moreover, if you want a drink, they offer green apple mocktails and other special drinks. 


64/6 is another restaurant that you can find inside the Country Inn Suites. If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant with a beautiful ambience, 64/6 is the perfect place. With modern designs and state of the art facilities, this place serves authentic and Chinjabi food. Moreover, they also have a buffet that you can enjoy at a decent price. 

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is another quaint restaurant in Indirapuram. With its nautical theme and remarkable designs, this themed-restaurant is an exciting place to chill and dine casually with friends. Aside from the engaging atmosphere, they also offer a wide range of cuisines such as Chinese, Finger Food, Italian, North Indian, Pizza, and Continental. 

Barbecue Nation 

If you like barbecue, Barbecue Nation is one of the best restaurants that will satisfy your cravings. They have a wide range of dishes on their menu such as exotic meat, kulfi, and mushroom paneer. Moreover, they also have main courses such as biryani and dal makhani if you feel like you want to have a heavy meal. 

Barbecue Nation offers great deals, so watch out for their announcements because they usually give generous discounts to their customers. 


Capers is located at the Vasundhara Hotel and Suites. What makes Capers a great place to dine is its bright decor and elegant interior that speaks elegance and sophistication. 

Moreover, they also have delicious dishes that are often ordered by tourists and locals alike. Their best-sellers are Mediterranean platter, cream of chicken, classic fish and chips, lasagna, crispy honey chilli, and Sichuan chicken. 

Noon Mirch 

Noon Mirch is one of the most popular restaurants in Indirapuram. This roof-top restaurant is a good place to visit if you want to dine while enjoying a view. Aside from their beautiful location, Noon Mirch also offers high-quality dishes that customers keep coming back to. Most of their dishes are Indian fusions and will give your palate a burst of flavour. Some of their best-sellers are cottage cheese, chicken curry, and biryani. 


Valhalla is another remarkable restaurant in the area of Indirapuram. If you want to experience a night out with friends, this resto club is an exciting place to visit because the ambience will get you into party mode. 

Moreover, they offer a wide array of dishes such as a veg sampler, achari paneer tikka, dahi ke kebab, and chicken tikka masala. For their drinks, they have a diverse menu that you can choose from. 

Sultan Food

If you’re looking for a romantic place to dine in, Sultan Food is the perfect place to visit. With a beautiful garden view and rustic Italian interior, this restaurant will give you a dining experience you will never forget. 

Sultan Food is a well-known place where you can get authentic Mughlai and Northern Indian cuisines. Some of their best-sellers are tandoori chicken, tandoori chicken butter, mutton seekh kebab, and chicken nihari. 

Moreover, they also offer vegan dishes for vegetarians and other snacks that you can pair with ice-cold drinks. 

Kafe Republic 

The Kafe Republic is a casual coffee shop that offers a wide range of cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, North Indian, and more. The place is nothing special when it comes to the interior. It has a clean design filled with rustic furnishings. 

If you’re looking for a place to chill and work, this coffee shop allows you to stay for a long time. Some of their best-sellers are the man chow, hot and sour chicken, tom kha, and tom yum. 

Mi Amor 

Mi Amor is a restaurant located in Raj Nagar. With its romantic and elegant atmosphere, this place is an ideal dining spot for casual dates and celebrations. They offer different desserts, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and North Indian. 

They have a wide range of dishes that can fit your preference such as light meals, salads, non-veg, and grilled main dishes. Some of their best-sellers are panini, Margherita pizza, classic chicken steak, and Hung Curd Kebab.

Monarch Terrace Bar

The Monarch Terrace bar is a multicuisine restaurant that offers Chinese and North Indian dishes. If you’re looking for a breezy dining experience, this place is the perfect fit because the place is enclosed. 

The tables are located in an open space near a platform where a live band performs. Their popular menu options are masala papad, peanut masala, chana masala, and tandooir bharwan aloo.